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Would you like to increase your
efficiency and productivity?

Do you have so much data that you’re not quite sure what to do with it?  How do you summarize and analyze that data?  What types of calculations are required?  Can I sort the data or filter out specific bits of data?


Are you writing a user’s guide or creating correspondence?  Trouble with margins aligning or fitting paragraphs to a page? How do I insert pictures and have the text wrap around the picture?


How many bullet points should I really put onto a slide? Can I link an Excel chart to a PowerPoint slide so that it updates? Is animation necessary? How can I remember all the points I want to discuss while a slide is displayed?


Can I create a distribution list for group emails?  What is the difference between an appointment and a meeting? 


So Many Questions!!!













Classes, Workshops,
& Corporate Consultation

Learn Microsoft skills and boost your computer literacy with our expert-taught Microsoft Office workshops. In these courses you'll learn how to use Microsoft Office desktop applications including Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.

Classes are curated to ensure a quality skill development strategy. Each class is approximately 4 hours each.



  • Basics

  • Intermediate

  • Advanced

  • Summarizing & Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables

  • Working with Formulas & Functions


  • Basics

  • Intermediate


  • Basics

  • Intermediate

60 to 90-minute Workshops to give you the tools needed to navigate Microsoft Office desktop applications.



  • Understanding Excel's Basic Formulas and Functions

  • Using Excel's Conditional Formatting and Data Validation Tools

  • Creating Smart Presentations: Integrating Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Linking and Consolidating Data in Excel Workbooks

  • Managing Excel Lists and Databases

  • Using Excel’s VLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX Functions

  • Recording Excel Macros with an Introduction to VBA

  • Mastering Excel Charts and Graphs

  • Using Excel PivotTables to Easily Summarize and Analyze Data

  • Excel PivotTables for Real Estate Agents and Appraisers 

  • Excel PivotTables for Real Estate Agents and Appraisers 

  • Useful Microsoft Excel Tips for Real Estate Agents and Appraisers

  • Visualizing Excel Data with SmartArt and Charts

  • Managing Excel Data Through the Use of Sorting, Filtering, and Subtotaling 

  • Making Your Excel Spreadsheet Much Easier to Use with Tables

  • Tips and Tools for Managing Excel Databases

  • Exploring Excel's Top Ten Essential Functions


  • Creating Smart Presentations: Integrating Word, Excel, and PowerPoint


  • Creating Smart Presentations: Integrating Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

  • Word - Working with Large Word Documents



  • ​Outlook Productivity Secrets:  Ten Really Cool Features to Boost Efficiency

Does your team need to build their Microsoft Office desktop application skills? Our corporate classes are customized for your employees to increase their skillset.

Corporate Consultation



I am a Passionate Instructor

As a trainer for over 30 years, I have ‘grown up’ in the computer software industry and have learned as the arena grew.  I have worked with clients of all types and ages.  My strength is in customizing classes based on the needs of individual students and providing realistic business examples to compliment training.  I am a high energy trainer with a flair for training the adult student. 


Types of Training

Although I thoroughly enjoy classroom training, I also work extensively in the virtual training world.  In a virtual world, I can work one on one, or with a group of 50 or more students. 


I hold the Modern Classroom Certified Trainer certification from Logical Operations which prepares instructors for all aspects of delivering a course using the latest training technologies and approaches.


More About Me

When not teaching, I enjoy gardening, shopping estate sales and refinishing mid-century furniture.

About Cathy


Check out what my  satisfied my PC  clients have to say...

"I liked everything!  Excellent personality and easy to

- William M.


"Cathy is an exceptional teacher.  I learned a ton!  She is very organized, used visual , verbal and auditory teaching skills.  Paced well, Cathy made sure that everyone was where they needed to be.  This was the best Excel course I have ever had.  Thank you!"

- Patricia G.


"So practical and hands on. Instructions were very clear as we saw each action, then we could do it ourselves."

- Emily B.


"I liked everything!  Cathy was an amazing instructor.  She was enthusiastic, energetic and incredible knowledgeable.  I really hope to see her again for the Formulas and Functions training.  So much great content."

- Victor H.


"Cathy is an excellent instructor, very nice, easy to follow, and very knowledgeable."

- Jacob M.

Smiling Mature Woman

Tracy V.

"Cathy took the time to answer all of our questions.   She is very personable, and I liked her analogies."

Smiling Businesswoman

Francisca C.

"Excellent teaching style!  Very well-versed in Excel and able to answer any and all questions.  This training session was very valuable."

Senior Businessman

Michael G.

"Cathy is excellent.  She involves the participants, answers all questions concisely and clearly.  She establishes a friendly and welcoming environment.  She is very knowledgeable and seemed very happy to share that with us.  Great speaker volume."

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